"smooth and savvy"

-- The New York Times

"an enchanting display of magic"

-- The Herald, Baltimore, MD

"a truly enchanted performance of magic ..."a true professional at what he does and displays great love and pride in his magic. "

- Chrissy Sheetz, Rising Sun, MD

"... his show was polished, professional, and each night received a standing ovation!

His magic and mysteries were all astounding, original, and the audiences were in the palms of his hands the entire time. ... If you’re looking for a polished, charismatic entertainer with a family-friendly show, I HIGHLY recommend Byron Grey."

Fay Hall
President, Stage III Theatre
Casper, WY

"(Byron) is one of the most original, one of the most artistic performers you're EVER going to see! Absolutely the most beautiful magic I've ever seen."

-Eric Henning, Washington, DC

"I own Kids’ Company, and am very particular about whom I choose to represent me... The only magician I hold in high enough regard to represent me is Byron Grey


...I find his approach to magic to be charming and delightfully refreshing.

...I would recommend him for any event where you want to amaze and enchant the audience.

Magically Yours,

Linda K. Jennings

Wilmington, DE